Training for Process Improvement: 5S, SPC, TQM, TPM

Process improvements are dynamic, ever evolving and following the right pathway becomes easy when our expert trainers give your staff the perfect grounding in the elements of 5S, Statistical Process Control, TQM and TPM in a structured, methodical way.

Competitiveness is vital for survival and progress and the 5S training focuses on Lean Manufacturing and Lean Office methodologies, creating awareness and commitment in your staff with measurable outcomes as regards cost, quality, customer experience and productivity.

Statistical Process Control or SPC training imparts participants with knowledge and practical application of statistical methods to anticipate outcomes, control manufacturing and office processes, resulting in the company gaining a competitive advantage.

By taking part in our Total Productive Maintenance course, your staff gains a better understanding and become motivated to implement reliability of all processes relevant to their areas of work, thus contributing to all round improvements, efficiency and productivity as also lowered costs.

Total Quality Management training teaches staff about excellence as a continuous process to ensure better end user satisfaction and incremental improvements in all processes in which they are engaged as a way to contribute to an organization’s growth.

We highly recommend one or all of these training courses for your staff if you wish to become a mainstream force in your areas of operation. Call us to know more.