Epitome Team

Chandan Ghosh


Chandan Ghosh is a visionary extraordinaire with the unique capabilities of transforming concepts into concrete action. As someone who takes challenges head on, he takes on the impossible and makes it look all so easy, charting out new paths and creating opportunities where none existed. That is the Chandan essence.

Engaged at present with several companies, acting as mentor and a transformational spirit, Chandan multitasks and catalyzes individuals and companies to excel. Apart from his involvement with business enterprises, he also finds time to deliver lectures in academic institutes and participate in international trade events where his speeches have made a remarkable difference to business perceptions.

Chandan’s chapter in enterprise operations began 35 years ago when he obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering from Bombay University and started his career with Xerox Corporation as a Service engineer after which he progressed upwards with HCL, TGL, British Telecom, AT&T, Bharti Airtel and Aircel, owned by Maxis.

A pioneer by nature, Chandan became the first to start the international wholesale and carrier business in India while working at Bharti Airtel in 2002. He added laurels by going on to twice found the Licensed International Wholesale Long-Distance Business with two of the leading Indian telecom services. Groundbreaking in nature, these achievements laid the foundations for the future.

A series of such chain reactions saw Chandan reaching the critical stage and it was not long before fission occurred with his branching out on his own, a decision that was to have far reaching energy releasing fission not only for him but for all those he associated with. He set his sights on the galaxies and progressed beyond the stars. His vision was to create groups of companies that would benefit from his years of experience to achieve staggering revenues of over $ 1 billion by end of 2017. Powered by ambition and fuelled by commitment to achieve success, Chandan is on track while pursuing his dream of passing on his wealth of knowledge and thus achieving fulfillment.

Sunila Gupta


Sunila Gupta is the CMO and relationship officer of EpitmeITS. A Six Sigma Black Belt and winner of National Six Sigma Award plus a B.Tech in Electronics and MBA in HR, the modest, soft-spoken Sunila is a powerhouse responsible for providing the quality thrust based on positive, humanistic approach overlaid with finest professionalism in whatever she undertakes. Before she joined EpitomeITS she powered Bharati Teletech wing of Bharti Group  as head of Quality and Service assurance as well as head Business Excellence. Mainly in charge of Six Sigma deployment, Process Designing and Re-engineering, Sunila is just as adept at Factory SLA management, workflow automation, BPMS, Process excellence and in imparting motivational training as she is at handling the most complex and challenging tasks with the practiced mastery of a sensei. Which she is.

Ashutosh Kukreti


Ashutosh is a BE/B.Tech graduate from the SBV Suramal Vihar Kumaun University and is our resident InfoVista expert. He occupies the position of Tech Architect at EpitomeITS and provides OSS/BSS services. Prior to joining EpitomeITS Ashutosh did a stint at Remaxys Infotech and at Bharti Airtel. Young and full of energy, Ashutosh specializes in system programming, system administration with a focus on InfoVista suite of solutions and Perl. Many of our successful projects carry his inimitable imprint.