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Security Solutions & Implementation services


Security Services


Information technology is the backbone of most companies and hence IT risks and controls must be managed properly. Epitome IT Solution’s  professional consultants have experience working within a diverse range of industries and are experts in applying the proper IT controls framework to meet the IT auditing needs of your organization.

Epitome ITS provides customers with end to end security services, security consultation and implementation, security audits that include detailed reviews from a security perspective of your organization.

We have the skills and experience to meet your needs for enterprise-class network security at a price you can afford - Regardless of business requirement, budget and high-security.

Security Management Services

Security Management Services:offering provides the customer the essential skillset needed to ensure that their technology components on the endpoints, network and datacenter are effectively protected. Some of the key service elements are configuration and patch management, signature updates for antivirus, policy and change management, firewall management.

Security Management Services is an essential component of closing the last mile gap that customers have in terms of ensuring that their applications and infrastructure components are effectively safeguarded against potential threats. Epitome offers an end to end SLA based service – onsite, offsite models to ensure that the customers have access to the right skillset to support their security needs across Endpoint, Network and Infrastructure Datacenter. Security Management Services primarily leverages customer’s security infrastructure components such as firewalls, Endpoint protection suite, and patch management solutions to deliver the service

Provides an independent baseline and validation of the organization’s security posture. Simulate attacks to identify vulnerabilities in the Network, Systems and Applications to, evaluate risks, and develop remediation plans tailored to unique business requirements and security needs

Vulnerability Assessment

Epitome ITS vulnerability assessment services evaluate the strength of its clients' defenses against the attacks that are most likely to be used by actual attackers. We provide clients with actionable recommendations. All findings are rated based upon their risk, the probability of exploitation and the potential business impact. This allows clients to focus on addressing issues that matter the most. VA can be configured to run tests configuring compliance policy of standards like IT Technology Act, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and HIPPA.

The security assessment is conducted to determine the degree to which information system security controls are correctly implemented, whether they are operating as intended, and whether they are producing the desired level of security. A vulnerability assessment is then conducted to determine the weaknesses inherent in the information systems that could be exploited leading to information system breach.

·         Scanning of the target infrastructure, establishing a baseline and making compliance easier by validating external posture

·         Providing an overall security picture at a lower cost with repeatable exercises

·         Periodically verifying assets (infra and apps) are properly protected; evaluating recurring differentials and managing vulnerability

·         Required by many industry regulations and standards


Penetration Testing

Time and again it has been established that organizations are forced to spend millions of dollars to recover from a security breach because of lost opportunities & remediation efforts.

In Penetration testing or Pen-Testing we conduct a series of activities, which help you identify and exploit security vulnerabilities. It gives you clear picture of the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the security measures that have been implemented.


It subjects systems to real life security tests. The benefit of penetration testing is to reach beyond a vulnerability scan test and discover different weaknesses and perform a much more detailed analysis. The organization opting for Penetration testing will get detailed information on the actual as well as exploitable security threats and identification of existing and potential vulnerabilities quickly and accurately.

·         Takes Vulnerability Assessment to the next level

·         Manual testing and exploits, in addition to false positive reduction of automated results

·         Taken from the perspective of a malicious external entity, or rogue internal resource

·         Verifying that defense in depth and response capabilities are working as designed, along with security controls validation

·         Required by many industry regulations and standards


Security Solutions& Implementation services


Security Solutions

Information risks should be proactively managed and circumvented by embracing the latest in technology offerings.

The compelling value proposition that EPITOME ITS can offer to organizations is to guide them towards the path of achieving operational and business efficiencies through judicious adoption of scalable world class technology solutions.

Becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of advanced security threats posed to enterprises, EPITOME ITS offers a range of solutions to protect them against latest and constantly evolving threats. Our rich and varied experience in the area of information security management coupled with solid project experience with mid-sized and large organizations gained world-wide will ensure that we configure and implement the right and powerful solutions to meet your security requirements. Our deep knowledge of multiple regulations will also help organizations implement security compliance mandates.

EPITOME’s perfected implementation methodology will guarantee a cost effective and timely roll out of the solutions. The big differentiator that we offer to organizations is our managed security services that are designed to monitor and manage the implemented solutions on a continuous basis, if you decide to opt for this service.

•             24 x 7 support

•             End-to-end implementation

•             Strategic solution consulting

•             Deployment Services

•             Licenses

•             Training

Implementation services and Technology Partners

EPITOME has partnered with leading product vendors to offer the best in Enterprise Security Solutions in areas of:





We provide services to our customers, which deliver quality and commitment. Our value-added services include:



IDAM - Identity and Access Management Forge Rock

IDAM - Identity Governance Sail Point

IDM - Microsoft Identity Manager 2016

IDM - Forefront Identity Manager

SIEM - HP Arc Sight

SIEM - HP Arc Sight Logger


DLP – Web Sense


Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), delivers flexible managed security services that work the way clients want; enhancing their existing security program, infrastructure and personnel while relieving the information security and compliance burden.

By gaining a detailed understanding of individual client needs, Solutionary combines deep security expertise and proven operational processes with the patented, cloud-based  Security and Compliance Platform to improve security and address compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley and others.

Security Monitoring from the Endpoint to the Cloud

Services are delivered by certified Solutionary security engineers and Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts who have years of security experience.

Before the implementation phase of any service begins engineers actively work with clients to understand their infrastructure and requirements. Services are then implemented, configured, tuned, and maintained to achieve client goals and work with the client’s existing security program, infrastructure and personnel. The Solutionary team acts as an extension of the client’s internal security team, delivering security expertise and around-the-clock monitoring.