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Remote Service Management (THE RsM)


Remote service Management at one level is an alternative to existing sourcing models of internal recruitment and Management of Services that always have capability and dependency challenges. Remote Service Management consists of remote (outside the physical premises of a company’s facilities) monitoring and managing the infrastructure components and taking proactive steps and remedial actions across the IT/OSS/Applications landscape. Monitoring and Management is undertaken through a combination of offshore/near-shore/global delivery center that is commonly termed as an Operations Management Centre (OMC), where skilled staff of a service provider monitor and manage the infrastructure ensuring uptimes and availability supported by CoE

Customers have begun to enjoy several benefits from RsM. The most significant benefit is a reduction in their overall infrastructure and service management costs. Some customers are seeing a reduction of almost 25% in their IT budget. They also enjoy better service, quality and transformational value delivered by their Remote Service Management partner.

With RsM, you have complete control over the equipment and tasks being managed. The flexibility and granular level of service delivery provide important business advantages, including:

End-to-end problem and incident management
Better performance reporting
Robust, rigorous change management & continuous improvement.

  • Remote proactive monitoring & management of service, servers on a 24x7 basis for fault, performance and security alerts.
  • Remote resolution of service problems on a 24x7 basis for fault, performance and security issues.
  • Track and report all activity on critical services.
  • Proactively backup the critical data stored in services, and protect services from any critical service loss / data loss or failure of systems.

The Service Management Framework

Our Remote Service Management (RsM) framework is central to Managed Services. This enterprise-wide device and process portal foundation provides the building blocks for monitoring every IP-enabled device and process on your network. It helps resolve problems quickly and efficiently, giving your enterprise important productivity benefits thereby lowering the total cost of computing.

Most companies prefer to outsource IT Services and focus more on core business area. This is a wise step considering how speedily technologies in hardware and software evolve and the relevant costs of constant upgradation of manpower skills and hardware resources. Our out sourced IT services management help organizations not only on high availability and better, 24/7 operations, but also through significant financial benefits.

No capex investment
25% savings on opex
24/7 monitoring and managing client’s application

RMC Offerings:

Application Services monitoring                         

Mainframe Services

Applications Operations & Management

Back-up and Restore Services

Integration & Customization

Customized Tool Development for Performance Management & Monitoring

Dash boarding & Reporting

Provisioning & Administration Activity

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