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Transforming Service Management!

Unshackle your IT & OSS infrastructure to embrace a new tomorrow: Cloud computing, Network Monitoring and Management, Performance management, SAS, OSS, Performance Management, Analytics and other aspects of an enterprise’s operations. These are the trends one needs to adopt today in order to be competitive tomorrow. They represent a radical shift of thought and behavior- from traditional IT assets engagement models and year-on-year maintenance, followed by upgrades.

Our teams provide end-to-end solutions guaranteed to bring about far reaching transformations in the way you do business and use human resources.

Having invested substantial capital into IT applications and resources, organizations find it difficult to change, evolve and adapt to emerging technologies. EpitomeITS Managed Services is an all round offering that is designed to ease transitions.

Managed Solution:

The End-to-End delivery model includes the following for a defined “Managed Solution” with definitive SLA and KPI deliverables. This can be beneficial for situations where change requests are high with less predictability due to business challenges and requirements of cross functional integration and deployments.

Central to this service is an Analytics Engine that can determine the residual value of each of your services. This helps you know the current residual value and predict future residual value of each of the assets over time, thereby empowering you with insights to take decisions on how to leverage your current assets to fund and process transitions to your best advantage.

This newly launched offering from EpitomeITS is unique and is targeted at minimizing efforts and investments in managing your Application Services and software asset inventory thereby paving the way for technologies of the future.

Our Managed Services through Service Level Agreement (SLA) engagements include following set of solutions:

  • Product support help desk
  • Help desk services
  • On-site / offsite support - CoE
  • Customized services for network , Applications and Service Management
  • Customized design and consulting services for best practices in OSS & Application service management
  • Project based services, Outcome based delivery
  • Central Panoramic Monitoring area powered by multiple customer views on giant screens