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BigData - Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB Analytics Services

BigDboys, Consulting is a professional services offering on BI and Big Data analytics solutions. Our goal, first and foremost, is to help our clients be successful by taking the vast amounts of data they collect and transform that data into information and insight so they may better understand—and make intelligent decisions about —their customers, brand, competitors, operations and market opportunities.
Epitome is involved into data warehouse and business intelligence consulting, has evolved into an industry leader in Big Data analytics, cloud-based analytics, social media analytics, and other emerging data intelligence solutions.
Specific services include:

  • Assessments
  • Roadmaps
  • Strategic Planning
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Mobile BI
  • Big Data Architecture and Integration
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Sensor Data Analytics
  • DW Appliances
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Governance
  • Data Integration/Migration/Optimization
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Prototyping
  • Onshore Development
  • Remote Administration
  • Recruiting & Staffing

At Epitome, we’re especially proud of our people, who are experts and published authors in the data analytics field, leading consultants have in the BI industry. Our Principals have helped spearhead the movement from traditional data gathering and dissemination to Big Data analytics.

BigDBoy Solutions

To make smart, proactive business decisions, you need more than data. You need insight. BigDBoy gives you the tools you need to understand not just what happened, but why it happened, so you can predict and influence what will happen next. Our Data Science and Analytics solutions let you drill down to discover the underlying factors that correlate to exactly what’s happening in your business.

Your data warehouse is the foundation for extrapolating valuable business intelligence, but that’s just the beginning. Layered on top of your data warehouse, Data Science and Analytics lets you examine how every aspect of your business affects the others. Our experienced analytics practitioners will show you new ways to look at the data you have to proactively make decisions for new product development and enhancements, marketing programs, customer satisfaction and churn prevention, and much more.

Big Data—massive amounts of unstructured data—has remarkable value in it. But you need to find it first through data management and other technology and analytics tools, companies can not only find, but move the needle in the big data haystack where BigDBoy is the solution

Cloud-based analytics put deeper analytic insight—and the means to immediately drive operational decisions from it—within reach of every organization. No massive racks of data servers and no on roll dedicated full-time data scientists. No costly investments. Reduce the time and money necessary to develop and deploy applications by 80%.

BigDboy analytics services make valuable resources available to you as on-demand services:

  • Deploy complete Big Data analytic infrastructure as a service (Iaas)
  • Download technology components from the cloud to install in your own infrastructure and deploy the same manage your data in-house using our dedicated resources
  • Tap new data sources – such as text, speech and other unstructured data – more effectively
  • Extract more value from data you already have with advanced analytics, like time-to-event models
  • BigDboys Analytics is the fastest growing knowledge services firm that focuses on Data Analytics and Insights generation by delivering results-driven analytics, optimization and decision management solutions combines’ knowledge of marketing and customer management with deep capabilities in analytics, technology, and BigData.
  • BigDboys has extensive experience delivering solutions across a breadth of areas including customer management, digital and social marketing, brand management and product analytics. We are the trusted partner for multiple multinational and Fortune clients and provide services across the spectrum of analytics (Reporting, Analysis, and Modeling, trend analysis, sentiment analysis and Insight Generation).
  • Business Solutions: We focus on delivering solutions that address business problems, rather than on process or technology. Our engagement model is structured to lay heavy emphasis on business understanding, and an open-box approach to delivery complemented by periodic communication and feedback from the end users.
  • Analytics Focus: A focused analytics player and has built deep analytical skills, a robust hypotheses-driven methodology based on industry standard processes. Our team of skilled data scientists has extensive experience providing solutions that translate data into actionable business insights.
  • Delivery Excellence: We recognize the need for delivering consistent high quality solutions to clients. We have a world-class service delivery process that combines project management tools and a data-driven approach that drives continuous improvement.

Epitome BigDBoys is a big data and Platform-as-a-Service specialist that provides system integration for IaaS/cloud providers, software companies, and information-driven enterprises. Areas of expertise include Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB and R & Pig, as well as Microsoft .NET, Java, and mobile technologies.