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End to End Service management:


End-to-End Service Management : This is helpful for Enterprises, SI’s & BU’s to offload the challenges of application deployment in a scenario where integration and further operations management are required with end to end responsibility to cover unlimited changes required by businesses from time to time at a fixed cost.

We recommend implementation of our E-to-E SM model for all your services so that the entire risk of deployment, gap in business expectation and cost challenges can be eliminated. Our service package ensures you get highly skilled resources from our various CoE pools which include monitoring and management services, auto-discovery, upgrade and customization, and comprehensive remote monitoring as a service

Our maintenance and service management solution offers coverage for your IT applications while factoring in your needs on uptime guarantees and your budgets. We help you save up to 23% of your annual apex and maintenance costs through our sophisticated service packages.

The EpitomeITS advantage:

Overall contract management and end-to-end delivery on your behalf
Coverage of multi-vendor products unlike specific products by some of the other players
Certified technicians & global technical support with CoE & OEM back lining.

Planning for Transformation: The first step in the process of transformation is to assess how much of your current application assets are used fully, optimized and can be integrated/improved/reused in the new environment planned for enhanced business requirements or to find out if there any further opportunities for improvement. Those that do not fit in need to be customized or cross integrated. Transformation is always over time. Our solution addresses all the variables such as the what /when / how of each aspected issue. (Feel free to call us for an audit plan – absolutely free).