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The EpitomeITS Difference

EpitomeITS and its offerings

Based on years of experience EpitomeITS believes that one of the most successful ways to bring about transformational improvements in a company and markets is to first understand requirements, anticipate future developments and then let experts handle development of customized, cost effective solutions guaranteeing best ROIs and improved productivity.

Your Own Team: Epitome continues its highly successful and evolved philosophy of dedicating a single team to work on end–to-end development for one client. Deployment, customization and continuing operations of the software products, services, and cross-integration add new dimensions to Outsourced Product Engineering, which bring value and reduced turnaround time with unique skill sets.

Foundational Transformation

  • Reduced Operational expenditure by consolidating tools, people, resources and processes
  • Improved SLM
  • Increased responsiveness and compliance
  • Higher availability

Epitome ITS engagement results in measurable improvements such as:

  • Drastic reduction in operational expenses
  • Streamlining of processes and methods of working through constant monitoring, analysis and incremental changes to address chronic issues
  • Dramatic improvements in responsiveness at all levels, a tighter, streamlined and effective governance module, behavioral change management through general and specific remedial improvements.

As an integrated IT Services provider, we partner you in your evolution to a leaner, meaner and better performing enterprise, giving you that vital competitive edge in the process. Our team assists you achieve goals in a phased manner by addressing all departments and implementing solutions that free you from the mundane aspects of managing your IT setup, Application and Service Management and leaving you free to focus on profit making core areas.

We believe in providing value over the complete Application and Service lifecycle – from planning and deployment through to operations and management using an outcome based delivery model that follows the structure given in the structure below: