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BMC Remedy ITSM Solutions

Business Service Management (BSM) suite makes it easy to simplify and automate IT Processes in cloud, virtual, distributed and mainframe environments. EpitomeITS specializes in offering the entire suite of high performing Remedy ITSM solutions using:

  • BMC Remedy
  • BMC Track-it
  • Remedy Force
  • BMC Footprints

We offer custom implementation of Remedy ITSM Solutions to transform your operations into a sleeker, slicker and cost effective high revenue generation model. The latest version allows superior, seamless service management even in high tech environments with self-service features, scheduling and live chat. There are ample reasons for enterprises to select BMC Remedy. Ease of use, ease of integration of mobility and social collaboration, scalability, smart, code-free customization, hands-free provisioning for virtual and physical environments and intelligence right out of the box are a few of the features of BMC Remedy and why we recommend it as one of the most valuable business tools for enterprises.

Discuss your requirements with our experts and let us offer custom, tailored scalable and modular packages designed to enhance productivity and ROIs with the best in class performance in any operating environment at down to earth prices. If you wish to gain the vital cutting edge in a competitive world, Remedy ITSM is your answer, perfectly designed, delivered and implemented by our solutions architects.