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Recent advancements in technology and the significant reduction in data storage costs have given businesses the opportunity to do things with data that were impossible until now, opening up an entirely new host of analytics opportunities.
BigDBoy consultants are part of this information revolution, honing their skills in the latest technologies with one goal: to help our customers maximize the value from their data investments.

Data Discovery is an advanced analytical capability that allows business users to collaboratively use Big Data—without IT intervention—to perform real-time analysis of large data sets. Coupled with Data Visualization tools, Data Discovery helps you manipulate and view data to find new insights and turn them into business advantages.
BigDBoy helps you make the most of your data warehouse so you not only know what has happened, but can better predict and act upon what will happen.

How do your users want to view their data? Your financial team will have very different requirements from your sales managers and marketing team, but that doesn’t mean you have to develop and support multiple applications. BigDBoy delivers an ad-hoc and structured visualization environment so each user can visualize their data the way they want to for better understanding, metrics comparison and solution discovery.

Like many companies, you may be struggling to engender customer brand loyalty amidst so much online competition. To build meaningful long-term relationships, you must understand exactly who your customers are, what they want, and how to improve the overall customer experience so they keep coming back.
BigDBoy provides the right tools to collect, analyze and interpret volumes of customer interaction detail from a myriad of touch points, channels and data sources so you can perform powerful omni-channel analysis. Our deep expertise in ecommerce, operational data, real-time data, and Big Data, together with our strong knowledge of marketing analytics and campaign measurement, makes us a strong player in omni-channel analytics.

Most companies use data to make business decisions, but sometimes available data doesn’t tell the whole story. As a result, decisions are made using incomplete information.

Closed Loop Analytics lets you ask questions and perform analysis based on what you already know. BigDBoy can show you how to use your data in ways you may never have even thought of to achieve greater insights into your business and customers, and drive new initiatives and product offerings.

We put powerful analytics into the hands of everyone who needs it, including data that was difficult or impossible to collect. We’ll create custom processes and applications for analysis; then continuously feed the results back into your operations, forecasting, budgeting, planning and decision making.

We augment your existing analytics team to:

  • Speed decision-making to take advantage of new trends, issues and opportunities
  • Speed decision-making to take advantage of new trends, issues and opportunities
  • Steer product development and create new bundled packages to satisfy customer demand
  • Provide quick insights into which marketing messages, offers and campaigns perform best for each channel
  • Continuously guide strategy refinement based on what works
  • Measure performance against the competition so you know where you stand.

What can your customers’ actions tell you about how they might behave in the future? How can web-based product reviews guide your product team to develop more powerful products and packages? How can social media conversations help your marketing team implement effective for 1-to-1 marketing campaigns?

BigDBoy Sentiment analysis transforms Big Data into measurable value, giving you the sentiment analysis solution you need, without the bells and whistles you don’t. Our cloud-based technology captures and analyzes structured and unstructured data sources. Bundled with our extensive data management and analytics expertise, it’s designed to help you maximize the business benefits of all your corporate data.

BigDBoy Sentiment analysis empowers you to deliver actionable sentiment data in combination with your corporate data to the people in your organization who need it most, utilizing a process that’s both agile and iterative.

Now everyone–from marketing and product development to operations and customer service–can leverage sentiment data to provide customer insights to drive product development and increase marketing effectiveness. We do all the heavy lifting and can literally have you up and running and analyzing your data in hours.

Assessment and Strategic Planning


If you’re like many large organizations, you may lack strategic plans that align programs with business needs, are reviewed on an ongoing basis, and fundamentally drive your IT priorities and budgets. A significant investment and hard work up-front are crucial for IT to deliver what the business expects, and drive positive and measurable business results.

Sustainable business results begin with a solid foundation. Our consultants work with you to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy and roadmap that ensure continuous improvement along the way. If you’re not sure where to start, are planning a new initiative, considering a technology purchase or simply want to validate your existing long-term plan, BigDBoy has the expertise and resources to help.

We help you identify the right data and technology investments and determine the best approach for implementing new enabling tools for informed decision-making. Our consultants take the time to fully understand your business, legacy systems, current projects, plans and budgets; then we develop a rock-solid strategy so everyone in your organization can get the most out of your data.
We follow with the development of a comprehensive plan to build your analytic foundation, and define how your organization can leverage this platform to gain measurable business benefits.

When your organization embarks on a major initiative that involves data and technology, cohesive program management is critical.
Our certified project managers have the experience to not only direct multiple projects across different service organizations and business units, but also to streamline workflows, avoid duplicate efforts, and minimize potential pitfalls that could impact your existing systems.

Are you about to embark on an important initiative? We can help you determine where you are in the capability maturity lifecycle so you’re ready with the right people, processes and technologies to be successful. We assess and address your strengths and weaknesses, make process changes and help you address issues head on so you reduce risk, cost overages and milestones.

Investing in the wrong technology can cost you more than money; it can stall critical projects and result in lost revenue and competitive advantage. We partner with technology leaders to deliver enterprise-class solutions that are sustainable and extensible over time. Always mindful of your legacy technologies and constraints, our technology consultants will help you choose the right solutions to fit your requirements and your budget.